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The blog for PE teachers: The Changing Rooms

A blog dedicated to the teaching of PE, covering all key elements of physical education teaching, including GCSE PE, A-Level PE and BTEC Sport.


    Schools are sedentary institutions! Move More Month might be able to help

    Dear reader,

    Welcome to my blog. I am a PE teacher and I publish every single Wednesday at 19:00 UK.

    PE Homework - The only Two Questions Worth Asking

    Since I have been a teacher, qualifying in 1999, guidance on how to set high-impact home learning...

    My three favourite evaluation activities in PE lessons

    Throughout my PE teaching career I have been using three core mechanisms for developing evaluative...

    Struggling with AO2 or making examples? Not anymore!

    Welcome to the Changing Rooms blog. This week (I publish every Wednesday at 19:00), I want to...

    The E-I-O Model: Scoring higher on AO2 in PE exams

    Have you ever noticed that students in PE lessons and exams (and end-of-unit tests and mock exams,...

    How I get my students evaluating in PE lessons (Part 1)

    This week, Part 1: Introduction to the “evaluate” skill in PE lessons. Released Wed 14th June 2023.