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The blog for PE teachers: The Changing Rooms

A blog dedicated to the teaching of PE, covering all key elements of physical education teaching, including GCSE PE, A-Level PE and BTEC Sport.

    The story of muscle tissue - Part 2

    Welcome back to the story of muscle tissue. If you have already read Part 1, you will know that...

    Can Sport Science help the men’s England Football Team to win Euro 2024?

    Dear reader,

    I am writing this post to both provide an intriguing article for classroom-based PE...

    The story of muscle tissue - a guide for PE and Sport teachers - Part 1

    Dear PE and Sport teachers,

    I really enjoy writing posts that cover subject content. In the past,...

    10 things all PE and Sport teachers should know about IB Sports, Exercise and Health Science 2024

    Dear PE colleagues,

    The new International Baccalaureate Sports, Exercise and Health Science (IB...

    6 Ways to Use Model Answers in Your PE and Sport Lessons

    Dear PE colleague,

    I invite you to think about the types of learning resources that you spend most...

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