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The blog for PE teachers: The Changing Rooms

A blog dedicated to the teaching of PE, covering all key elements of physical education teaching, including GCSE PE, A-Level PE and BTEC Sport.

    Differentiation in the PE Classroom

    Dear PE teachers.

    Before I write this post, I want to make a statement: What follows is not a...

    You asked for it! Extended writing for ALL PE exams 😲

    UPDATED: All Edexcel A-Level resources for extended writing questions are now available below

    I am...

    A day in the life of an unconventional PE teacher

    This blog is about a working day of mine. My name is James and I am a PE teacher. But, in 2024, I...

    IB Sports, exercise and health science, I salute you!

    The International Baccalaureate Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL) are changing. A new...

    Introducing Infographics and Mock exams for BTEC, CNAT, CTEC & VCERT Sport and PE courses

    Dear readers,

    This week’s post is an extremely simple one. I am using my weekly publishing spot to...

    Teaching Sportsmanship and Gamesmanship in PE Lessons

    Many PE teachers overtly teach sporting conduct including topics such as sportsmanship,...

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