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The Price Plan

Posted by James Simms on November 14, 2018

At The EverLearner we are well aware of the ever-shrinking budgets within which schools and departments are having to work. I thought I'd share with you a brief outline of our plan to support you and your budgets as we try to expand our offer to more students and teachers. As we scale, we can offer more for less, which is good for our growth, and good for your students (not to mention your wallets!)

At the moment, our current Large School Unlimited account is £700+VATp/a. This allows schools to access all PE courses, all Spanish courses and our Roadmap course for up to 300 users. This works out as £2.30 per student for a year's access! That's good, but it's often a stretch for a single department to cover this cost alone.

As we introduce more subjects (more about that later) we will introduce another package, let's call is the XL School Unlimited. This will give the same unlimited access to all courses in all subjects for all of your students.

We're aiming to keep the price below £1000 for this XL School Unlimited package.

We are currently working with teachers to build courses for French, Computing, Geography, and Biology. So, let's say you have 1000 students. They could have access to PE, Spanish, French, Computing, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Geography, for £1 per student per year! And, to make this even more attractive, this probably means that as a 'whole-school' subscription, you are unlikely to be paying for this out of your department budget for much longer. Even if you do, you are likely to split this cost with other departments.

I hope that helps to give some insight into our plans. And if you're ever wondering what is going on in our office, we're frantically building, reviewing and testing out courses so that we can extend our offer to students beyond the PE classroom!

Watch this space for release dates for courses in Spanish, French, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, and Computing!

Please mention this to members of your teaching team in the subjects mentioned above. If you can get these teachers onboard, you stand to save money from your department budget!