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5 Things you never knew TheEverLearner could do!

Posted by James Simms on September 13, 2018

If you liked myPEexam, you'll love TheEverLearner! Here's a lowdown of 5 things you never knew TheEverLearner could do!

1. Instant feedback on 15,000 questions!

When we moved from myPEexam to TheEverLearner, we decided to scrap lots of questions. Not because they were not good, but because they were not good enough. Feedback was a little hit and miss and the images were uninspiring. We wrote a total of 15,000 new questions and almost all of them contain high-quality feedback. Not just whether the student was right or wrong, but why they were right or wrong. We have also made over 3000 images which make the questions more engaging and interesting than ever.

2. Tracking

When students take a test, watch a tutorial, do an assignment or master a checkpoint, you'll know about it. But more than just knowing about it, you'll know exactly how long they have spent practicing, the score they got on a test, how long they watched a tutorial for, and a detailed look at which questions they got right and wrong on a checkpoint.

3. Messages

Break down the barrier between teachers and students with Messages. If you need to get a message to a whole class, small group or an individual, Messages is the place to do it. Students can also alert you if they are struggling on a tutorial, so you can provide help exactly when are where it is needed.

4. Set bespoke assignments using our question library

Using the Assignment tool, you can choose the number of questions in a test, the pass mark and which lessons the questions come from. In seconds, you can set a bespoke test, alert students that they have been set the work and provide instant feedback.

5. Student-paced learning

The site is impressive in its own right and is the perfect tool to supplement your traditional teaching. But the best part of it is not a feature of the site at all. With tutorials and questions online, repeatable and accessible when students need it, this platform has the power to unlock a truly student-paced learning experience. We call it Classroom 21 and we'd love to talk to you about it!


Contact Mike ( for more information about TheEverLearner or Classroom 21!