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The EverLearner Pioneers

Posted by James Simms on January 26, 2018


"The ones who are crazy enough to change the world, are the ones who do."

Steve Jobs

Introducing The EverLearner Pioneers

The EverLearer Pioneers are real teachers challenging the assumptions of the dominant educational model. The EverLearner is calling for a systematic change to the education system, moving from an outdated, one-pace-fits-all model to one which is truly student paced and prepares learners for the challenges they will face. This requires bravery from teachers to hand over control to students and to trust them to take responsibility for their learning. The EverLearner Pioneers are the brave ones, maybe even the crazy ones. But crazy challenges, like turning the education system on its head, need crazy people. And why can't we leave this to the decision makers? Because people making policy-level decisions are not employed to be crazy. They are employed to be safe, to maintain the status quo. That's why we need you, real teachers, to be the driving force behind the movement. The EverLearner Pioneers are disruptive, in a positive way, leading grassroots change one classroom at a time. We set out our vision in Education Reimagined. If you read it and think, 'It sounds great on paper, but they'll never do it', thanks for reading, but watch us. To become an EverLearner Pioneer, these practitioners have made a commitment to positive change. They are leading by example, with practical anecdotes and experiences, which help us shape the work we do and help others in the profession make a change in their classrooms too. We're not asking for mavericks, rogues or pirates, but people who have thought critically about the current model, and who can see past the historical roadblocks that stand in the way of genuine reform of our education system.  

The Pioneers are not necessarily experts just yet but they have already committed to using The EverLearner Future Classroom, or a variation of it. They don't even have to agree with everything we say because they are shaping the future classroom further to make it the best experience for learners to be in. They are a positive, disruptive force in their school and community. The EverLearner Pioneers will:

  • Be working towards, or already working with, The EverLearner's Future Classroom Model (as described in Education Reimagined.
  • Be willing to report back to us half-termly, via a questionnaire, about how it is going.
  • Report to us any research or evidence, formal or anecdotal, that they have.
  • Participate in online conversations.
  • Be willing to feature as a case study.
  • Be available to support others in the profession.
  • Be open to the possibility of working with The EverLearner on upcoming projects.

In return, The EverLearner will:

  • Provide support and be available for conversations.
  • Provide early access to future copies of Education Reimagined.
  • Provide the official TEL Pioneer logo to be used on Twitter and email signatures.
  • Write to the headteacher of your school and praise your efforts in being a Pioneer and leading the development of The Future Classroom
  • Provide discounted access to The EverLearner resource packs, training and, to support the development of The Future Classroom*

If you have already made a commitment to transforming your classroom into a student-centered space, we would love to hear from you and learn about your experiences. Please contact if you'd like to talk.

*Cannot be redeemed against Essential Plans.