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The EverLearner Ltd is Moving!

Posted by James Simms on May 20, 2018

For the past three months, James, Marta and Mike have been negotiating a change of office space. Whilst this may not seem hugely exciting at first reading, you may become more intrigued when you realise that the new office is over ten times bigger than the current one and that The EverLearner team are building two bespoke facilities within this huge space.

Facility 1 - Classroom 21

Our new office environment will include a specialist demonstration classroom called “Classroom 21”. Classroom 21 is the focus of our 2017 publication Education Reimagined and is now a reality. In the coming weeks and months we aim to welcome hundreds of teachers to Classroom 21 for training on a wide variety of experiences and opportunities. You may be interested in these two to begin with:

Classroom 21 Training

Extended Writing in GCSE PE

Classroom 21 is more than a classroom space. Within our building we have access to a restaurant, Cafe and very modern gymnasium. This could lead to a very different kind of INSET experience for visiting teachers.

Classroom 21 will be officially open from 1st June 2018 and the exact structures and design are a bit of a secret right now. However, we would like to share these impressions with you to give you a taste of what you will experience when you visit us:

Facility 2: The EverLearner Broadcasting, Recording, Interviewing and Podcasting Studio (we need to find a snappier name!)

Right next door to Classroom 21 will be our brand new recording, broadcasting, interviewing and podcasting studio. This facility will feature our online teaching terminals, our vlogging cameras and our comfortable interviewing chairs allowing us to welcome guests to discuss and debate ideas with us in highly comfortable and well-lit conditions whilst we broadcast them to you. We will be continuously hooked up to YouTube, iTunes and other services, meaning we can get high-quality content to you at any moment.

How does this affect you?

Well, we hope that you will be intrigued enough to visit us for one of our training days and that you might consider bringing your whole team to and work with us for a day. But we also that you’ll engage with us online, subscribing to our ever-active YouTube channel and subscribe to our podcast show The Teacher in Classroom 21.