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School closure? TEL can help!

Posted by James Simms on March 2, 2020

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COVID19 has arrived in the UK and, with the guidance provided by Public Health England and the UK Government, it seems inevitable that institutions such as schools will be afflicted by closures in the coming days. This throws the need for remote learning into clear focus for the education sector and it is likely that schools will be scrambling to find systems and procedures that allow teachers to teach and students to learn from home.

Home learning is clearly not new to the education sector with homework a staple of most learners' experiences. However, remote teaching is far less typical and many teachers and educational managers will be highly unsure of how to achieve this. 

The worst affected learners will be those currently preparing for exams in year 11 and year 13. These learners, who benefit most from regular access to their teachers in the months approaching their assessment, must not be left high and dry with awkward and low-impacting remote learning experiences. It is for this reason that The EverLearner Ltd, specialists in remote and blended learning will provide its services completely free to any school that needs to be closed as a result of COVID19.

What is The EverLearner? is a website that provides exam board-specific instruction and low, medium and high-stakes questioning environments for learners whilst teachers are able to allocate assignments and respond to live, volatile data based on student performance. In other words, it takes the classroom and makes it available everywhere.

How do Schools receive free access?

  • Qualifying schools are those that have been closed as a result of the outbreak but are not a current subscriber to
  • Free access is provided if the school books a free online demo of the platform. This demo should be taken by participating teachers and can be completed from any location. 
  • Free access is enabled for examination groups (year 11 and year 13) only. There is no limit on the number of students.
  • Free access is enabled until 30th June 2020 meaning that all exams will have passed before the access closes.

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