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2019 Teaching and Learning Webinars

Posted by James Simms on July 8, 2019

The human brain works only sometimes like a computer. When it comes to memory, human beings do not simply remember things because they are instructed to do so. Instead, the memory of ideas, formulae and facts can be very temporary leading many students to forget key information between lessons and certainly between different parts of a course. Moreover, students don't just need to be able to remember things. They need to be able to actively recall them, sometimes under pressure, in the context of when the information is relevant.

In this blog, we would like to share some really useful resources that will provoke better learning. For each topic, there is a free webinar and an accompanying infographic which summarises the session.

Practice and Retrieval Infographic          Interleaving Infographic          Mastery Infographic

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Practice and Retrieval

Practice and Retrieval Infographic

Practice and Retrieval Webinar



Interleaving Infographic

Interleaving Webinar



Mastery Infographic

Mastery Webinar