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Introducing Infographics and Mock exams for BTEC, CNAT, CTEC & VCERT Sport and PE courses

Dear readers,

This week’s post is an extremely simple one. I am using my weekly publishing spot to announce that my team and I have just released some exciting and brand new freemium resources specifically for use with technical qualifications: BTECs, CNATs, CTECs and VCERTs.As of today, you can visit our brand new launch page and you can download your utterly free mock exam (with a bonus, free exam analysis infographic) which you can use in any way you wish to improve the experiences of students preparing for this summer’s exams. I also hope that this provision will go some way to help you to save a little time in what is a hyper-busy term.

If you are teaching any of these units:

  • R180 Cambridge Nationals Sport Science
  • R184 Cambridge Nationals Sport Studies
  • BTEC Tech Award in Sport Level 1/2 Component 3
  • BTEC Sport Level 3 Unit 1
  • BTEC Sport and Exercise Science Level 3 Unit 2
  • Cambridge Technical Sport Level 3 Unit 1
  • NCFE Technical Award Level 1/2 in Health and Fitness (VCERT)

...your exam infographics and national mock exam papers are ready for you to view and download. Go fill your boots, folks!!!

Download now

For those wanting to know a little more:

Why am I releasing these resources?

During 2022 and 2023, my business, The EverLearner Ltd, had a phenomenal response from PE departments, teachers and students when we released our GCSE and A-level PE exam infographics, mock exams, mark schemes and model answers as well as our live revision sessions. During 2022 and 2023, I kept those resources completely free to support students moving toward exam assessments after the COVID disruptions. The sector’s response was so significant that not only have we kept that free offer going into 2024 (with the exception of the GCSE and A-level PE mock exams during the National Mock Exam session) but we are now able to extend it to more courses.

Between now and the summer exams 2024, you can access, completely freely, all of the following for your course:

  • an exam infographic;
  • a national mock exam containing brand new exam questions in the exact format of the real thing;
  • the mark scheme for the National Mock Exam;
  • the model answers for the National Mock Exam;
  • a 90-minute live revision session broadcast online for your students to take part in;
  • comprehensive revision notes booklet that accompany the 90-minute session.

These resources are completely free to you all.

I am really proud to be able to bring this provision to our sector and all that I ask of you is to download, use and value the resources. We have produced them in a very professional manner and we believe they will benefit your students.

In next week’s blog, I will be detailing what the nature of the 2024 revision sessions is going to be. We’re really going for it with a brave and challenging attempt at bringing the highest quality pre-exam experience possible to everyone. Watch this space!!

Thanks for reading.


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