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Introducing The EverLearner’s FREE PE and Sport resources page

Dear PE teachers,

We're delighted to announce that due to popular demand, we are releasing a brand-new page, with all of our FREE PE and Sport resources, all in one place, to make finding things just that little bit easier for you 😍.

You can access all of these resources on this new, dedicated page:

Access the FREE resources page ↗️

James explains a little more about the FREE PE and Sport resources page.

In recent years, I have been publishing a huge volume of resources for PE teaching and learning. As I specialise in classroom-based PE teaching, these resources tend to be for this genre of PE teaching but, within that genre, the resources are exceptionally broad. 

All resources are exam-board specific and, where variation is required, I have provided variations for exam boards.

All of these resources are free and you are encouraged to download and use them as widely as you wish.

There are only three restrictions all of which should be applied within reason:

  1. Please don’t pass the resources off as your own nor sell any resources that contain my work.

  2. Please do not edit any of the resources and present the edits as my (James’s) work. My work is in the format of the originals that you are able to download only. 

  3. Please, do not share the resources outside of your centre. Instead of doing that, please encourage fellow PE teachers to visit the free resources page and help themselves for free. 🙂

What PE and Sport resources are available right now?

The first iteration of the free resources page includes a sample of our resources that we are posting in order to gauge interest. If these resources prove popular, we will post new resources on a very regular basis. Once you subscribe to the free resources page, you will receive an update email every time we post something and you will then be able to discern whether that new resource is useful to you or not. 🙂 In this way, the resources will come to you, rather than you needing to go and search for them.

I like the idea that a fellow PE teacher opens their emails on a drizzly Thursday morning and a highly relevant, brand-new teaching resource is there waiting for them. 

So, there you have it… A new opportunity to get a bunch of free resources that are professionally designed and produced. I hope you like them. Ooh, and feel free to share this with all your PE teaching mates. I need to get lots of eyes on this page. 🙏

Have a lovely day.


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