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Educational images in PE lessons - would they help?

Dear PE teachers,

I want to ask you where you source your educational imagery. The types of images that you might use in a PowerPoint presentation in a GCSE or BTEC or A-level lesson, for example. Do you make them? Do you search for them on Google Images? How do you do it?

Since I’ve been doing this job, my imagery has been made for me. What a privilege! In some kind of “waiter come here”, “clicky fingers” way (I’m always super polite, don’t worry), I asked for an image to be made and either Marta, Mike or Anna made them for me. There’s then a bit of checking and refinement and voila, it’s done! Therefore, I am able to produce some nice stuff and do so at a relative scale.

But, what about PE teachers as a whole? What are the quality of our collective educational images and how much work is involved in finding and producing them?

With this in mind, I want to run a little experiment. I want to offer you three batches of imagery. They’re completely free, don’t worry and you can download them at will. But the deal is that you need to tell me how I might be able to best support you with educational imagery going forward. I mean, seriously, what do you need?

So, here’s the deal: Download the images. Get stuck in and use them as you see fit. But, in return, I want you to complete a short feedback form for me. It will take you about one minute. Is that fair? OK, here they are:

  • Cardiac output
  • Movement patterns
  • Psychological refractory period

And here’s the feedback form:



Thank you, as always, for reading and, in this case, feeding back. It is greatly appreciated.

Have a lovely day.


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