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Leaving Certificate Physical Education: Pre-study Short Course

Physical Education
Leaving Certificate
Level 2
1 chapters
11 Lessons
1 Free lessons

High-quality online course, featuring fast-paced tutorials taught by James, practice and test mode quizzing and checkpoint assessments preparing you for the study of the full LCPE course. We recommend that you study this course in advance of your study of LCPE Strand 1 and Strand 2 as well as The Roadmap course to develop your exam writing skills.

Body Systems
Skeletal System
Lesson (1/0) 1
Functions of the Skeleton
Lesson (2/0) 2
Bones of the Skeleton
Lesson (3/0) 3
Types of Bones
Lesson (4/0) 4
Joint Types
Lesson (5/0) 5
Structure of Synovial Joints
Lesson (6/0) 6
Movement Patterns
Muscular System
Lesson (1/0) 1
Types of Muscle
Lesson (2/0) 2
Muscle Fibre Types
Lesson (3/0) 3
Muscles of the Body
Lesson (4/0) 4
Antagonistic Movement
Lesson (5/0) 5
Types of Contraction

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