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AQA GCSE PE 9-1 Course Introduction and Skills

Physical Education Skills
Level 2
1 chapters
6 Lessons
0 Free lessons

Welcome to the AQA GCSE PE 9-1 skills course. This super short course should be sat by students preparing to or reflecting on their studies of AQA GCSE PE 9-1. The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop outstanding awareness of their qualification and what will be required of them during their studies, exams and NEA.

Course Intro, Assessments and Skills
Lesson (1/0) 1
Introduction to AQA GCSE PE 9-1
The Exams
Lesson (1/0) 1
Paper 1
Lesson (2/0) 2
Paper 2
The Coursework
Lesson (1/0) 1
Practical & Coursework
The Skills
Lesson (1/0) 1
Exam Skills
Lesson (2/0) 2
Extended Writing

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