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CNAT Sport Studies 2022: R185 Performance and Leadership in Sports Activities

Physical Education
Cambridge Nationals
Level 2
5 chapters
18 Lessons
0 Free lessons

This course contains all of the requirements for the coursework unit R185 Performance and Leadership in Sports Activities. Including video tutorials taught by James Simms, quizzing in practice, test and checkpoint format and coursework exemplars throughout the tutorials and quizzing experiences. We recommend taking this course alongside one of the compulsory examined unit R184 as well as one of the optional units R186 and R187.

Key Components of Performance
Two activities
Lesson (1/0) 1
Individual and Team Sports
Lesson (2/0) 2
Performance of Skills and Techniques
Performance in Two Activities
Lesson (1/0) 1
Participating in Your Activities
Lesson (2/0) 2
Decision Making in Your Activities
Lesson (3/0) 3
Managing and Maintaining Performance in Different Roles
Applying Practice Methods to Improve Performance
Strengths and Weaknesses of Performance
Lesson (1/0) 1
Assessing Strengths and Weaknesses
Methods to Improve Performance
Lesson (1/0) 1
Fixed and Variable Practice
Lesson (2/0) 2
Whole, Part and Progressive Practice
Measuring Improvements in Performance
Lesson (1/0) 1
Tools to Aid Evaluation
Organising and Planning a Sports Activity Session
Organisation of a Sports Activity Session
Lesson (1/0) 1
Session Organisation and Planning
Lesson (2/0) 2
Safety and Risk Assessment
Lesson (3/0) 3
Objectives of the Group
Leading a Sports Activity
Organisation and Leading
Lesson (1/0) 1
Leading and Organising a Session
Lesson (2/0) 2
Leadership and Delivery Style
Lesson (3/0) 3
Adaptability, Communication and Positioning
Lesson (4/0) 4
Motivation, Confidence and Creativity
Reviewing Your Own Performance
Reviewing Your Leadership
Lesson (1/0) 1
Reviewing Planning and Leading
Lesson (2/0) 2
Making Improvements

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