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OCR AS PE Sociocultural Studies (NOT A-LEVEL)

Physical Education
Level 3
1 chapters
13 Lessons
2 Free lessons

WE WOULD RECOMMEND THAT YOU USE THE LINEAR GCE COURSE IN PREFERENCE TO THIS ONE. Exam board-specific online course, featuring fast-paced tutorials taught by James, practice and test mode quizzing and checkpoint assessments preparing you for your Paper 02 exam. We recommend that you study the other two OCR AS PE courses and The Roadmap course along with this one. Click to find out more.

Sport and Society
Emergence and Evolution of Modern Sport
Lesson (1/0) 1
Sport in Pre-industrial Britain
Lesson (2/0) 2
Sport in Post-1850 Industrial Britain
Lesson (3/0) 3
Influence of the Public Schools
Lesson (4/0) 4
Sport in 20th Century Britain
Lesson (5/0) 5
Sport in 21st Century Britain
The Olympic Games
Lesson (1/0) 1
Background to Modern Olympics
Lesson (2/0) 2
Berlin Olympics 1936
Lesson (3/0) 3
Mexico Olympics 1968
Lesson (4/0) 4
Munich Olympics 1972
Lesson (5/0) 5
Moscow Olympics 1980
Lesson (6/0) 6
LA Olympics 1984
Global Sporting Events
Lesson (1/0) 1
Global Events
Lesson (2/0) 2
Benefits and Threats of Hosting

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