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We're Looking for the World's Best Teachers.

Posted by James Simms on May 11, 2018


Thank you for showing an interest in a career with The EverLearner. We understand that applying for a new job is daunting, especially for a teacher, and especially for a teacher considering a move outside of the realms of what might be considered a 'traditional' teaching role.

For many people, the agonising wait to hear back, which sometimes never comes, is the worst part. We want to reassure potential colleagues that if you apply for a position with The EverLearner, we will definitely be in touch, and we will be happy to talk to you pre and post interview to ensure that the experience is, as much as it can be, a positive and exciting one. 

We also want to be transparent about the entire process, so that you know what is happening at every stage. This is the main reason for this post.

And finally, before we get into the details, we really are looking for the world's best teachers. Unlike a traditional teaching post, we are not so interested in which subject you specialise in, or even whether you are a primary class teacher, secondary specialist or you work in FE of HE. Our mission is to find the best teachers on the planet, and ensure that every student can learn from them. So, please, if you think we would be a good fit, read on, get in touch and send us an application.


Our Process

We want to reassure you that the process of applying to join our team is transparent and fair. This is what happens when you submit your application:

1. Application:

When we receive your application, it will be reviewed by your potential future colleagues with whom you will be working closely if you are successful.

2. Evaluation:

Your application is then evaluated based on evidence that demonstrates you have the relevant skills for the job. We also evaluate your writing and communication skills, along with your knowledge of The EverLearner as a company and a movement. We recognise that nobody is perfect, so we are looking for people who excel in one or two areas, and we will aim to build a team around you, to allow you and your skills to flourish, but also to allow you to grow in other areas.

3. The Interview:

We will run 2/3 interview days of which we will ask you to attend just one. We aim to give you the scope to demonstrate what you can offer, but also for you to get to know the team and the environment in which you will be working to ensure it is a good fit for you. The day will consist of some informal conversation, some lesson recording and some other relevant tasks such as question writing or working on a live project with us.

4. Making a Decision:

Once the interviews are finished, we will review everything we have seen, read, heard and talked about and make a decision as to whether we will be inviting anyone to join our team. If we find someone who we think will be a good fit, we will ask for references. If we decide no candidate was suitable, we will repeat the steps above.

5. Reference checks:

During the reference checks, we might also carry out some simple online searches including on social media. This is highly relevant considering you could become one of the most watched teachers on the internet!

6.  Offer:

Once references have been completed, we will formally offer successful candidates the opportunity to join our team. We will probably insist you take some time to think about the offer and sleep on it if necessary. If you accept, which we hope you will, we will discuss relevant points such as salary and conditions.

I hope the above goes some way to explaining the process and also to highlight our intention to make the hiring process (and the experience thereafter) a positive and exciting one, whilst ensuring it is thorough and professional.

Finally, if we invite you to join our team it is because we see magnificence in you. I remind you that we are looking to recruit the best teachers in the world. If you think we would be a good fit, please get in touch.


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