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The #TELteacher experience is unrivalled. We bring the best opportunities to you and your learners instantly and engagement with our platform is proven to dramatically improve learner outcomes at all levels. This is about now but also about the future. Learn the skills that every teacher needs in this new era.
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Students and teachers need more live and volatile data to act upon to ensure that the learning experience never falters.

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Watch the #TELmanifesto for a better learning model and see how our system will help your learning to grow.

We have thought long and hard about the best way to study in the modern world. We believe that what students truly need is access to the best teachers and the best resources continuously, in a context of support and care. Students should never need to wait for a lesson to happen nor need to follow the pace of a group. Students need the best opportunities at a pace that suits them.

TEL brings you the opportunity to far surpass your target grade and to take true ownership of your learning. Study hard, be proud of your achievements and know that every time you engage with the site your grades are improving.

Here's what other teachers say about the #TELexperience
The interactive videos and mastery quizzes have enhanced the development of theoretical understanding of our pupils to a level where they are much more confident in exam technique and exam content. We achieved outstanding PE results by supplementing the learning of our pupils with this superb resource.
Mr J Goldsmith
London Nautical School
Boswells School in Chelmsford have worked with James and the TEL team since its inception in 2013. We’ve seen it go from discussions about the concept of mastery learning, to using the site for all of our GCSE and A level classes. Students find the online lessons invaluable, particularly for recap, clarifying and substantiating knowledge. Staff use it for topping up knowledge. This year the webinar revision sessions were an extremely useful tool that set students up superbly for the summer exams.
Ms Sara Heaton
Boswells School Chelmsford
We as a school have used TEL over the last 2 years and it has benefitted our students greatly. We use the videos to help plan our lessons for both GCSE PE and A Level PE as well as using the quizzes as a form of regular homework. The service offered is of a very high standard and any questions we have had regarding videos, quizzes and revision webinars have always been answered in a quick, informative and professional manner. A must for any department offering GCSE PE and/or A Level PE.
Simon Bradbury
Bulmershe School (Reading)
At first I was hesitant at making the transition from a traditional teacher-paced to a self-paced, learner-centred environment. Embedding the tools available at TEL the revolution was made possible with elements of blended learning using digital media as a learning resource whilst also adopting a flipped-learning model into the program. This has certainly been a worthwhile transformation in my approach to delivering A Level PE but, more importantly, the alternative enriching educational experience for the students. In light of the new specification for A Level PE in 2016 it is even more fitting for such an approach to be adopted and I am confident in light of change knowing that TEL is there to help.
Paul Towns
St Thomas More RC School and
I honestly couldn't have got an A if it wasn't for 2 years of TEL, a brilliant resource that if you put the hours into it it will pay off now. You're an incredible man with an incredible website. I've got into Durham to study sports science and I don't think I could have done it without you.
Adam Mallinson, 18 years old.
Durham University.
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PE, Sport and Sport Science courses across a range of GCSE, BTEC, A-level and Cambridge exams.
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GCSE Spanish for multiple exam boards. Learn grammar, vocabulary, and skills.
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Check out #TheRoadmaps. A set of materials and an online course to help your learners write brilliant exam answers.

#TheRoadmaps are a visual and intuitive method of structuring an answer to any question. Students learn how to pick up #Mark and how to respond to any question command with ease. Both physical and online resources are available.

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