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We provide live, volatile diagnostics for students and teachers at every stage. Track your live score for every topic and act, at any moment, to boost your mark.
All deep, intuitive learning is self-paced and requires time and concentration. Our classroom is available constantly to you.
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It's important to know exactly where you stand in order to continuously improve. Pure diagnostics on every level - no grades, no blah blah, just real insights.
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Watch the #TELmanifesto for a better learning model and see how our system will help your learning to grow.

We have thought long and hard about the best way to study in the modern world. We believe that what students truly need is access to the best teachers and the best resources continuously, in a context of support and care. Students should never need to wait for a lesson to happen nor need to follow the pace of a group. Students need the best opportunities at a pace that suits them.

TEL brings you the opportunity to far surpass your target grade and to take true ownership of your learning. Study hard, be proud of your achievements and know that every time you engage with the site your grades are improving.

Here's what our students say about the #TELexperience:
A thoroughly enjoyable experience that helped consolidate my knowledge in the classroom and provided me with confidence and belief to succeed in the exam.
Aman Rashid, 18 years old.
OCR A-level PE
TEL has been the key to my success in my GCSE PE qualification and I have all the faith in the world it will certainly help me through my A-level qualification. I used TEL during my GCSEs studying PE and I got an A* and I know that this revision will be the key to my success for my A-levels.
Lucy Whittaker, 17 years old.
I have used this material for learning both AS and A2 content and I feel that it has benefitted me greatly, giving me a deeper understanding of each topic and ultimately helping me to work at a higher level/grade in the subject. Over the two years of A-levels my passion for this subject has grown mainly because of what this revision tool offered and it has inspired me to consider teaching PE as a career.
Ben C, 18 years old.
OCR A-level.
Hi James. I would just like to say thank you so much for all the amazing content and videos you produce. I've just come out of my exam and can truthfully say that I think I would have done a lot worse if it hadn't been for your videos and ‘Hot Topics’ videos.
Ronnie Withers, 18 years old.
AQA A-level.
Thank you so much for the resources you made for OCR PE for both AS and A2. From 2014 when I started AS PE I got an E. When I moved into 2015 for A2 I also got an E as well with an overall grade of an E in PE. After retaking in 2016 with your resources I got an A*. I cannot thank you enough for TEL it made me love PE A-level and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You deserve a lot of credit for the work you've done and helping students achieve the highest grades possible. Thank you so so much.
Steven, 18 years old.
OCR A-level.
I honestly couldn't have got an A if it wasn't for 2 years of TEL, a brilliant resource that if you put the hours into it it will pay off now. You're an incredible man with an incredible website. I've got into Durham to study sports science and I don't think I could have done it without you.
Adam Mallinson, 18 years old.
Durham University.
I got full marks on my AS paper because of this website.
@KamronAli, 17 years old.
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PE, Sport and Sport Science courses across a range of GCSE, BTEC, A-level and Cambridge exams.
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GCSE Spanish for multiple exam boards. Learn grammar, vocabulary, and skills.
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